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Deshuan Malik Jackson, mostly know as Malik, was a lively, active 19-year-old with lots going on in his life, looking forward to a bright future. Unfortunately, Malik's life was tragically cut short on November 25, 2020 in St. Louis, MO. His grandmother, Stephanie Covington, had just picked him up from work at 3:30 p.m., and by 6:30, he was robbed, shot, and killed. The killer was able to locate him through a sale on FaceBook's marketplace, and it was the killer's second time robbing someone they encountered online.

The horrible actions of this killer ending sweet, young Malik's life are reprehensible, and justice must be served. We need to ensure that online crimes like these do not go unnoticed, and that the killer and this crime is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The best way to do this is by making this online crime a federal offense.

While Malik's family will never feel they have true justice for this heinous crime, they are determined to help others find justice if they are victims of similar online crimes and murders. They are not allowed to divulge further, specific information about the case as it is still pending, but it is their goal to bring attention to this by receiving 1 million signatures and hopefully bringing this to the White House for further consideration.

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A Grandma's Love

A grandma love was like no other love I loved you with every breath in my body. I cannot believe this was God’s plan for me to have you for only 19 short years, I enjoyed every minute of it, we have so many great memories. And it makes me feel good when your friends say how much you loved me. You never gave us a real problem. I just remember you growing up all the times we spend together, I bought you your first phone at 9, everything we all was doing we’re to make your life easier. My heart is broken and me trying to live life on this earth without you is not going too be easy, so many night since this happen I have talk myself off the edge, it’s like I can’t live on this earth without you, but it wouldn’t be fair to Khalil and Kaleb. So until we meet again you have your family there at the gates of Heaven waiting on them, you will finally get to meet your great grandfather’s  that you never met before. Until we meet again my love for you will never die.

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